Coding is a major part of our current job market and is only likely to be even more important in a future. Helping children become active rather than passive users of technology isn’t just better for their future but also it can be very fun when you are using the right methods. Even if you or your child doesn’t want a future in the tech industry a basic understanding of programming improves thinking and problem solving skills that will prove crucial throughout their life. To help you choose the best coding games for kids we have compiled the 5 best coding games for kids.

1. Hopscotch (Free App)

Hopscotch is a free app on the Apple Store that is just perfect for teaching kids the basics of coding while making sure they enjoy themselves as well. Hopscotch truly makes learning to code in to an actual game which both children and adults can enjoy. Hopscotch acts as a game that helps you make games and can even make an exact copy of Flappy Bird. It’s filled with instructions and tutorial videos as well as being able to see what the commands to after you’ve entered them. But the best part of why we believe Hopscotch is the best coding game for kids is because you don’t need a social account but still lets your child take part in a thriving community!

2. Kodable (Free & $7 Pro Version)

Kodable is another great app on the Apple Store that is perfect for teaching children programming concepts like conditions, loops, functions, and debugging by letting them go through 105 fun maze-like puzzles. This app feels a lot more like a game due to its colorful theme and characters. Though the free version has 45 levels that your child can go through but the pro version adds more levels and adds learning guides and vocabulary lessons.

3. LightUp Tesla Kit

The LightUp Tesla Kit is our only physical entry because its effectiveness is just that good. The LightUp Tesla Kit contains magnetic blocks that teach children the core concepts of programming, circuits, and engineering while making sure they have a great time. The best part is that the parents can take part as well and help them develop themselves.

Lightup Tesla

4. Goldieblox: Adventures

Goldieblox: Adventures is a game that joins adventure story elements with coding knowledge in a fun adventure to show children just how enjoyable coding and engineering can be. Due to the theme of the story and characters Goldieblox: Adventures appeals especially to little girls. Goldieblox: Adventures inspire creativity and design-thinking without restrictive stereotypes that are guaranteed to help you child down the line.


5. Code Combat (Browser Based)

Code Combat unlike other games actually requires the user to enter code to play but that doesn’t mean that’s all what you will be doing. Code Combat balances out coding with gameplay elements and feel much more like a game then one can imagine. The best part about Code Combat is that after you are done with the single player mode you can actually challenge other players and test your skills!


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