Holiday season is just around the corner and what to give as a gift to our friends and families is the main thing on everyone mind. But in case you have a photographer friend that you want to give a gift to you’ll find yourself thinking just what to give them, the possibilities are almost endless. To help you decide on a gift that’ll put a smile on your friends face, we have took the liberty of finding the 5 best kinds of gifts they will be more than happy to receive.

1. The Spider Holster

Spider Holster [ source : ]
The Spider Holster is one of the best gifts you can give to any photographer. This is a truly amazing product that makes working a gig alone much more easily. I personally have seen photographers cover whole wedding with just a holster. You can hang your cameras or camera on your hip waist like they used to hang guns back in the Wild West. They have a quick release and attach mechanism that lets you take off and put on cameras in a flash. The Spider Holster is the perfect gift for any photographer that carries 2 or more cameras and the best part is you can buy it for under $200!

2. A Lens Cup

A lens cup has nothing to do with photography but it does make a photographer look cooler while taking shots. This gift idea is simply about looking cool and making a statement. Any photographer to love to have one of these when they walk into their office holding one of these stylish looking cups! You can easily find a great and stylish lens cup for under $50!

Lens Cup [ Source : ]
Lens Cup [ Source : ]

3. A Loupe Lens

Any photographer would love to see a loupe lens in their Christmas stocking when they wake up. If your friend does a lot of outdoor photography or photography that requires intense focus then buying them a Loupe Lens is the perfect gift idea. These help by shielding the sun and providing a more magnified image. But a word of caution, make sure you know what the size of the camera model is so that you don’t the wrong size.

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4. Memory Cards

Once upon a time, a big brick block of film made for an awesome present. This is essentially a similar idea, just now the entire film is a lot less small. If you decide to buy somebody some memory cards as a gift, ensure you look at which camera they have so you know whether to purchase a SD or Compact Flash card.
Loads of photographers incline toward an entire pack of smaller cards to one major one since they don’t lose an entire day of shooting if something were to go wrong. A good quality, 8 or 16 GB card will never go unappreciated.

5. Profoto Collapsible Reflectors

Most photographers have a reflector in their assortment of gear, yet they’re regularly purchased as an extra. They’re wrinkled, torn, and in a wide range of decay. Profoto’s generally new line of reflectors are made for the fight to come. They utilize durable edges and beefy handles that make them to an easy to hold, even in breezy conditions
They’re around 31.5 inches when unfolded, however curl up to be about the same size as an apple pie. They are available in many different colors and sizes for you to choose from which makes them the on of the best gifts for photographers.

Profoto Collapsible Reflectors [ source : ]
Profoto Collapsible Reflectors [ source : ]
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