Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) normally referred to as drones are the up and coming and one of the most popular trends of 2015. Throughout the year they have amassed great sums of awareness and their use has proven to be rather beneficial in not just in warfare or military services but for residential and also commercial purposes. Since drones can be remote controlled by a pilot and even a computer can manage them with the proper software and programming. The practical services they provide are numerous and beneficial to not just to the military but also to the local populace, local authorities and for corporations. Below are some of the benefits and uses of owning a drone that you likely did not know.

1. They Can Save Lives

In case of a natural disaster like earthquakes and floods many good people are left stranded and in need of rescuing. Sometimes even the rescuers are left in the wake of danger in order to save these stranded people. With the advent of drones these stranded people can be more easily spotted and their situations can be properly assessed and the rescuers can be properly prepared to handle what’s to come.

Drones as Life Guard. source [http://www.roboticstrends.com/]

2. They Help The Law

Drones are the perfect way for looking for lost children or items. Any good drone equipped with a decent camera can send a rather detailed and fine quality video feed and pictures which prove rather helpful when looking for criminals or children or just keeping an eye on the law enforcement situation of a certain area.

Police Drones
Police Drones. source [https://www.buzzworthy.com]

3. They Help In Infrastructure Safety & Repairs

Imagine having to check the certain side of a sky scrapper or check on the pillar or under side of a bridge, you can just imagine how dangerous, time consuming and difficult of a task it can be. With drones you can easily observe the structure for any cracks or problems that might cause danger and provide more flexibility in what can be observed.

Drones in construction.
Drones in construction. source [http://lindleylawoffice.com/]

4. They Stay In Operation Longer

As drones don’t need a pilot and most can be controlled by a computer they provide tireless service around the clock when equipped with a reasonable power source. By using a crop management system a drone can prove extremely beneficial for agriculture growth and for farms overall. Drones can detect the changes in crops when equipped with the right management system, this enables farmers to respond more actively increasing yield and exterminating pests.

Drones in Agriculture
Drones in Agriculture

5. They Provide Great Aerial Coverage

Drones are extremely helpful when you need to reach far off places, thanks to this feature drones are used in aerial photography by many news reporters to get quality image of places that are hard to reach normally or with the help of a handheld camera. They are used in creating dynamic camera recording for action movie scenes as well.

Aerial Drone Coverage.
Aerial Drone Coverage. source [http://dronesonvideo.com/]
Drones besides providing all these and more benefits are great fun as well, drone tag a newly developed form of aerial tag has gained fair popularity throughout the year.


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