Humanity has made great advances in making A.I (Artificial Intelligence) a practical reality. We haven’t reached the point of having fully operational robots that can think for themselves but we have made significant accomplishments to show for it. Our technology has advanced to a level where we can actually implement A.I in technology that we use on a daily basis. For a while now we have being seeing news of Googles self-driving car and Netflix’s new genre that will be based of your personal preferences. Both these technologies like many other use A.I systems that are capable of learning, responding and predicting for us. Advancements in A.I are helping us already in various fields and is proving extremely helpful to us. Here are some ways that research in A.I is contributing in changing the future.

A Massive Increase In Prediction Power

The most beneficial use of A.I is the ability to process and learn from massive amounts of data which would prove impossible with even the most powerful computers. Predicting weather requires the computer to sift through massive amounts of data and calculate what kind of weather phenomenon will occur. Unfortunately current generation computers just can’t analyze the vast amount of data which is why more times than often the weather reports seem to be flawed. But with A.I that will change entirely. It’s needless to say that only weather reports won’t become more accurate due to the data analyzing power of A.I but business will also benefit greatly.

As of now only 1% customer data that is gathered by companies is being analyzed. This is the reason why the majority of the businesses don’t appeal to their audience as good as they should. There are many ways for companies to analyze their customer data and the benefits that they can reap are just as great but unfortunately companies are not prioritizing analysis of data due to the long time it takes. On the other hand, using A.I companies would be able to pull data from the user in real time and push data based on their behavior and patterns providing viewers with what they want to know or see.

A.I Machines Can Save The World

With global warming, pollution and hazardous waste eroding our planet everyone is worried about how we’re going to clean the mess we’ve made. Luckily, due to advancement in A.I technology self-thinking robots aren’t just a thing of the future but are rather being developed in various countries throughout the world. Some modern robots even have the ability to learn in a limited capacity which allows them to distinguish between a right action and wrong action.

Similarly, they can also differentiate between a pollutant and organic life form which makes them a perfect alternative to cleaning the world and providing in-house assistance. As of now A.I robots cannot learn new things on their own but can rather learn but observing human action. The prime example of this would be a research conducted in Japan in which a robot was taught to dance after humans demonstrated the dance moves to the robot.

A.I holds immense benefits for human kind in every aspect of our lives and with the constant scientific breakthroughs being made due to research we can hope to see some great results rather soon!

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