Why Buy A Cheap and Budget Laptop?

In the current computer market there are a myriad of devices from which you can choose from that rage from a few hundred to thousands or to even hundreds of thousands! Sometimes people without knowing what they need spend too much on expensive laptops and up regretting it later on. Many people will tell you that buying cheap and budget laptops have no benefits but that is nothing more than a baseless lie. Depending on your situation buying a cheap laptop or a budget laptop might actually benefit you both in the short and long run! But there are a few things to look out for when buying a cheap laptop, budget laptop or refurbished laptop:

Cheap and Budget Laptops Save Money

The Pros

Buying a cheap and budget laptop can leave you with enough money to actually spend of other more important things, like your tuition or pizza or years’ worth of Netflix which you can enjoy on a cheap or budget laptop. A cheap laptop or budget laptop will meet all basic needs from online video streaming to executing most programming software’s as well as Photoshop without any issues.

The Cons

Cheap or low budget laptops will have considerably less processing power, specs and features as compared to high end or expensive laptops since they’re cheap. So, if you were planning on playing high end games or watching 4K videos on a budget or cheap laptop you might want to reconsider.

Hardware & Features

The Pros

Cheap and budget laptops in the $300-$500 range can actually support 1080 HD display with great frame rates but depending on the source you buy the laptop from it may vary. Most cheap or budget laptops in the market are at the very least 2 years old and their prices have reduced up to 65% of their original price! But that’s not the only thing that gets reduced with time. Most vendors switch the internal hardware with even older and less efficient hardware which include, rams, VGA adapters and even switch the screen. They later sell the original individually at a higher price! So, when you shop for any laptop that just didn’t come out consider shopping with amazon.com, ebay.com and many similar sites.

The Cons

Cheap and budget laptops are relatively old so features like backlit keyboards and multiple navigation options are quite rare. Additionally, Cheap and budget laptops as compared to more up to date models which are extremely light are heavier but that doesn’t mean they don’t pack enough processing power.

Processing Power

The Pros

You might believe that new generation processors are drastically better than their old versions but in truth the difference between generations is not as big as many people imagine it to be. The difference between a 4th gen i7 processor and 6th gen i7 processor is hardly noticeable during common use and can only be seen while running specific applications that require higher multi-thread performance which are not used in day to day activity. Buying a budget laptop is not just affordable but it also provides you with almost the same processing power as one of the newer and pricey laptops.

The Cons

A change that you will notice when using a budget laptop is power consumption. This is due to older generation processors requiring more power as compared to newer versions.

Are They Good For Gaming?

As surprising as it may seem a $300 budget laptops mostly have an AMD or NVidia built-in graphics processor that allows the user to play games like Dota 2 and League of Legends at a reasonable FPS. But as far as high end games are concerned you are much better of buying actual gaming console or gaming PC since a good gaming laptop can cost anything up from $800 and still not provide the same level of performance as a gaming console or a PC of the same value!


Expensive laptops cost more for a reason, they are faster, more portable , have higher specs and provide better performance but that doesn’t mean cheap and budget laptops don’t have their own benefits. As stated above, a cheap laptop or a low budget laptop will do just as good as more recent laptops but will weigh more and will not have the same features as the more up to date models.

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