For those who do not know what IBM Watson is, it is a computer integrated with artificial intelligence that has the capacity to answer the questions that are asked of it. Watson has a memory of total 150 exabytes which will soon be expanded up to yottabyte scale, in other words, its amount of data is equivalent to a stack of DVDs that starts from Earth and ends at Mars. It has unlimited access to more than 200 million pages of content needed to answer questions. IBM claim that Watson can read all these 200 million pages in just 3 seconds.

Since its launch, scientists have found out hundreds of different ways of using Watson. However, scientists are currently working on Watson to make it perfect so that it can be used in medical settings. Scientists want Watson to be more effective and efficient than doctors. They are trying to feed Watson with the knowledge of what the normal inside of a human begin looks like so that later on it can detect what is wrong in patient just by looking at the images e.g. scan, MRI, etc. IBM hope to use Watson not only for low key medical conditions but also for serious conditions that also include detecting of the condition and then giving hypothesis about it.


Apart from detection of the condition, Watson can also store the medical history of the patient and since the data is digitalized patients can access it anytime. It also keeps the medical history and genetic profile of the patient in view while giving the treatment.

IBM’s motto has always been to give democratize access to health care facilities and with the innovative launch of Watson, IBM has achieved their goal is well. Since its launch, it has already won hearts of many clinicians and patients from around the world. Now it’s time to witness Watson as our new doctor.

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