Using an app on your phone can serve a greater purpose in your life then just providing entertainment. There are countless apps that can help you out in life, make difficult situations easier and provide a means to get something done much faster. To help you find such apps we have taken the liberty to find the best life hack apps that will help you make day to day life much easier and convenient.

1. Dark Sky


Dark Sky is weather app that you will definitely want to use every day. Dark Sky lets you know the exact time when it will start raining and the exact time when it will stop. The app has received a lot of positive feedback and its predictions have been proven to be very accurate. If you live in a city that has a high probability of rain then this app is a must have for you. The app is available on Android, iOS and Apple watch.

2. Cheddar

Cheddar is a fast list app that you definitely want to use to plan out your busy work days and plan ahead. What makes Cheddar so impressive is that as soon as you enter a task to do it is instantly added to all other devices that you are running Cheddar on. It’s simple to use, helps prioritize time and maximize efficiency. It’s available on the IOS, as a browser extension and on MAC.

3. Buy Me a Pie


Buy Me a Pie is a shopping list app that I personally use. Buy Me a Pie allows you to create grocery lists either by entering the name of the products or by choosing from inbuilt repository but where Buy Me a Pie shines the brightest is when a single account is synced on multiple devices. Any change made to a list on a single device will also appear on another device. Imagine making a list of what to buy on the way back from work to only forget a certain product. In such a situation, your partner can edit the list for you without having to go shopping for the second time.

4. 1Password


As a person that has a different password for every other site, 1Password really makes managing my credentials a lot easier. 1Password allows the user to log in any of their accounts with only a simple click. The credentials for a site are saved by 1Password and can be entered with an s ingle click. The best part is 1Password actually makes your password a lot more secure since no one can get their hands on it due to the high quality AES-256 encryption to keep your credentials safe at all times.

5. MyFitnessPal


This is the perfect life hack app for anyone that wants to track their calorie intake and exercise. As you go through the day you can type what you’ve eaten and MyFitnessPal will show you how many calories what you ate had. At the end of the day you can see how many calories you consumed and how many more you can consume based on your goal. The best part is that it takes into account how much exercise you’ve done. MyFitnessPal is available on both Android and IOS devices.

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